Faber-Castell Jelly Scraper (1 pc.)

  • Faber-Castell Jelly Scraper (1 pc.)

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Product Description

The quality of a sharpener, especially its razor, is crucial for the best possible scratching of wooden pencils. Thanks to the hard tip they contain, pencils can get a very thin tip, while wood paints, which have a softer material, are less scratched and their noses are shorter and less pointed. For the best possible scratching of the pencils, we suggest replacing your sharpener from time to time: the blade inevitably stalls with use and can break the tips of the pencils.


  • Single sharpener ideal for standard type pencils and crayons
  • With container
  • With safety screw
  • Four different funny patterns with animal paws

Ideal for the case in 4 different colors.