It ends with us

  • It ends with us

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Sometimes the one who loves you the most is the one who hurts you the most. Life was not easy for Lily, but that did not stop her from working hard to fulfill everything she dreamed of. After leaving the small town of Maine, she studied, moved to Boston and started her own business. So when she meets the charming neurosurgeon Rile Kinkade, her life suddenly seems too beautiful to be true.

Rile is dynamic, stubborn, maybe a little arrogant. But he is also sensitive, very intelligent and has a weakness in Lily. And when he wears surgery clothes he becomes even more charming. Lily can not get it out of her mind. However, his huge hatred for relationships is worrying. And although Lily becomes the exception to his rule, one can not help but wonder why Ryle avoided committing.

But she is not only overwhelmed by questions about her relationship but also by her thoughts on Atlas Corrigan - her first love that ties her to the past she left behind. She was her soulmate and protector. When he reappears, suddenly what Lily and Rile have built is threatened…