Barbie Color Reveal Mermaids

  • Barbie Color Reveal Mermaids
  • Barbie Color Reveal Mermaids
  • Barbie Color Reveal Mermaids

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Product Description

Barbie® Color Reveal ™ Innovation dolls hide many magical experiences with seven surprises, among them a mermaid doll that remains a mystery until it is revealed with the help of water! Packaging is also part of the fun. To find out which doll is hiding inside, fill the cylinder with hot water, place the doll inside and turn it around! The water becomes bright blue and when you take out the doll its characteristics will have been revealed! Use the shell-shaped comb and cold water to reveal the unique designs hidden in each doll's hands and tail.Using hot and cold water, children can experience dramatic color changes over and over again! Open the 4 bags and discover clothes and accessories specially designed for mermaids: a soft fin attached to the mermaid or her tail, a pair of wristbands, a crown or necklace and a shell-shaped comb. Kids will go crazy with the packaging, the constant color change in the dolls, but also the themed accessories, which will help them grow their collection and make endless combinations, creating even more stories!

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