The city that became a forest

  • The city that became a forest

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That night all the houses in the city were flooded with plants and trees that were being harvested hour by hour. By dawn the small town had been transformed into a lush impenetrable jungle. Schools were closed, businesses were inaccessible, no one could move by any means. The "green invasion" immobilized everything. Marcos and Anna, his little sister, saw for the first time so many children playing carefree in the street, for the first time they were playing with their neighbors, for the first time they were climbing a tree, a beautiful oak tree.But what will happen when the city authorities decide to cut down all the trees and plants? Why did plants, trees, flowers, cacti, grass "occupy" the city? The series The series "Rainbow Stories" consists of 4 books and each book corresponds to one color: yellow, pink, green and blue. The color of each book determines its content: YELLOW - Riddles waiting to be solved and secrets to be revealed: for anyone who loves mystery and agony.PINK - Dreams waiting to come true and friendships to grow stronger: for anyone who loves moving stories. GREEN - Stories about trees, about protecting the planet, about friendships with animals: for anyone who loves nature. BLUE - Fantastic travels, unknown worlds, unpredictable and fun: for anyone who loves adventure.