Dance as much as you can!

  • Dance as much as you can!

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Kira dreams, when she grows up, of becoming a great ballerina. He also has two brothers, boys, whom he considers a big trouble. That's why he does not want to hear about boys. The new year begins and Kira starts dancing again. But sometimes things do not come as we expect. On the very first day, Kira's dream becomes a wreck. Classical dance is now an elusive chimera for her. The only option she has left is to join a department that dances in pairs, that is, with a boy! Is it ever possible for her to like that? But if she does not try, she will never know! The series "Rainbow Stories" consists of 4 books and each book corresponds to one color: yellow, pink, green and blue. The color of each book determines its content: YELLOW - Riddles waiting to be solved and secrets to be revealed: for anyone who loves mystery and agony. PINK - Dreams waiting to come true and friendships to grow stronger: for anyone who loves moving stories. GREEN - Stories about trees, about protecting the planet, about friendships with animals: for anyone who loves nature. BLUE - Fantastic travels, unknown worlds, unpredictable and fun: for anyone who loves adventure