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It came out of a deep, warm hare covered with dry leaves, under a wide sloping rock, which was now snow-covered and had become one with the earth. You could not see the entrance, it was hidden by a dense blueberry tree, loaded with dry blueberries and crystallized snow. He protected the nest from the icy air. He shook his hair, branched and sniffed the air lifting his head.

It is winter and the grandmother is warming herself in the fireplace, accompanied by her beloved dog, Graigos. Outside, in the woods, a wolf, Sol, turns theonistic. Gregory scolds Sol and remembers that he is his enemy. Or maybe not? The grandmother leaves food for Sol without knowing that he is a wolf and Gregory gets angry, jealous, and decides to find his enemy to fight with him. Are dogs and wolves friends after all?

A magical narrative about prejudice, freedom and the dangerous but fascinating journey to it.