The purple umbrella

  • The purple umbrella

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Shortly before the war of 1940, somewhere in Maroussi, Eleftheria lives with her parents, a ten-year-old girl, whom her twin younger brothers call Letro and when they get angry with her, Laveran's plasmodium. She hates the household and "female" jobs, while she goes crazy for what her father does not approve of: She reads books with rage, looks forward to seeing theater, casts a sneak peek at the newspaper, wishes one day to look like Sophocles' Antigone.

On the top floor of their house, Mr. Marcel, a Frenchman living permanently in Greece, has under his protection Benoit's nephew who becomes an inseparable friend of the children. Their toys are few: balls, whirlpools, skipping rope, potty, a pair of skates with spools. Their imagination is endless: all together they write a thousand and two stories that enchant themselves. And how much more would they think to do if the big ones did not stop them…

Adults and children. Two worlds so far away that no matter how many years pass their laws and their language will never be the same. Everyone carries their own truth. That's why many can hide behind a purple umbrella!