On the edge of the knife

  • On the edge of the knife

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Young Sherlock is in Western Ireland, but it is not a leisure trip. His brother, Mycroft, has gone there to investigate the claims of a spiritist who claims to be able to communicate with dead spies and offer his services to whomever pays best. The two brothers have to find out if this man can really reveal secrets from beyond - secrets that European governments would rather keep hidden. But someone - or something - seems to be trying to shut the mouth of the spiritualist.First a maid is found dead and then Mycroft is savagely attacked. Young Sherlock must unravel a mystery that has engulfed everyone… before anyone else is killed.

The 6th book of an exciting series that for the first time comes to shed light on the teenage years of the famous detective. How was he as a teenager? Where did he go to school and who were his friends? Where and when did he acquire his famous abilities? What scared him and what was his first love?