Mathematics in the 6th grade of elementary school

  • Mathematics in the 6th grade of elementary school

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Each chapter of this book contains:

• Basic theory.

• Solved exercises.

• Methodology for the solution of the exercises and indications for the better assimilation of the theory.

• Suggested topics to answer.

Also in the book there are:

• Issues whose solution requires special mathematical thinking.

• Evaluation criteria for testing the student's knowledge.

• Simulation criteria for the Mathematical Competitions (Pythagoras, Little Euclid, local competitions conducted by the branches of the Hellenic Mathematical Society, Mathematical Competition "Kangaroo" etc.) for students who wish to participate in these competitions or want to prepare the entrance exams to the Standard Gymnasiums.

• "To the parents" remarks.

• The answers to the exercises in the book.

• The detailed solutions of all the exercises and problems of the textbook (Student Book and Workbook).