Grammar of 1st grade of primary school

  • Grammar of 1st grade of  primary school

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Each chapter includes:

• Analytical theory with examples, observations and clarifications on its most difficult points (eg "Attention to the following", "Attention to spelling" etc.).

• Inflection tables of nouns, adjectives, pronouns and verbs (eg masculine in -ος, feminine in -η, adjectives in -ος, -η, -ο, verbs in -ω and in -ώ, etc.).

• Special notes about spelling (eg the or of, her or the, more or less, which or more, etc.).

• Aggregate tables on the spelling of noun endings and adjectives (eg masculine in -ας, masculine in -ης, masculine in -ος).

Exercises of various types (eg matching, filling in the blanks, finding the right-wrong, spelling, etc.), the answers to which are given in detail at the end of the book.