1st grade of Elementary School Mathematics Problems

  • 1st grade of Elementary School Mathematics Problems

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This book follows the lesson book lesson by lesson and aims to help primary school students develop problem-solving skills. In order to bridge the gap between the Mathematics taught in school and the Mathematics used outside of school, problems related to the modern daily life of the child are suggested and his interest is activated to deal with them. In many of the problems that exist in this book the pronunciation is given with illustration. In this way students are trained in the acquisition of the skill to collect the information given to them by the image and to solve the problem.

We paid special attention to the problems in which the pronunciation is given by text. With these problems children are trained to read carefully and process the data in order to be led to the solution. The "Towards Parents" notes at the bottom of the book attempt to support parents' efforts to effectively help their child cultivate a positive attitude toward Mathematics.

We believe that this book will be a useful aid both for students to learn to read, think and solve Math problems, and for parents, so that they can better guide their child.