Xenophon Greek of the 1st grade of High School

  • Xenophon Greek of the 1st grade of High School

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Product Description

Each section includes:

• The text and its translation

• Comprehension questions

• Language smoothing

• Nuclear building blocks

• Grammatical phenomena (type recognition, initial tenses, morphemes, etymological elements, temporal and inflectional replacements)

• Syntactic analysis of the ancient text

• Interpretive - aesthetic approach of speech

• Semantic rendering of the text

• Ideological elements

• Additional questions (interpretive, grammatical, syntactic and lexical) for the consolidation of new knowledge

• Evaluation criteria that are in line with the new spirit of the exams. These include questions from the Theme Bank.

The following are the answers to the questions, exercises and topics for discussion in the textbook. The appendix provides the answers to the supplementary questions and the evaluation criteria.