Vocabulary 6th grade of elementary school

  • Vocabulary 6th grade of elementary school

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Product Description

Each section includes:

• Editing textbook texts:

- Comprehension questions of each text with their answers

- Interpretation of words and phrases of each text

• Detailed presentation of grammatical and syntactic phenomena per lesson with explanation, tables and apt examples

• Elaboration of speech production topics with diagrams and models

• Complete answers to all the exercises in the Student Book

• Thematic vocabulary

• Supplementary exercises per lesson for the consolidation of the linguistic phenomena examined in it

• Repeat evaluation criterion in the material of the whole unit

At the end of the book are given:

• Detailed answers to all the exercises in the Workbook

• Answers to the supplementary exercises and the evaluation criteria

The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM which includes pedagogical games for students to assimilate the material of the language lesson in a pleasant and creative way. The specially designed environment and the pedagogical content contribute to the cultivation of expression and the exercise of children's critical ability.