Modern Greek Literature of the 1st grade of High School

  • Modern Greek Literature of the 1st grade of High School

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This book was written according to the new Curriculum and the new way of evaluating the course and is structured based on the three teaching modules proposed for the High School's course for the course of Modern Greek Literature:

I. The Genders in Literature

II. Tradition and Modernism in Modern Greek Poetry

III. Theater

Each teaching unit is divided into thematic subsections with specific sentences of selected texts. The appendix includes answers to questions from the Theme Bank in the first two teaching units, while the edition is supplemented by a Glossary with the most important literary terms.

With the above structure, the book is addressed to both teachers and students by providing them with useful material for their teaching, methodological tools, approaches and answers to questions and activities. Particularly for students, it aims to cultivate those skills needed for students to interpret any literary text offered to them for processing and / or evaluation in the classroom or by the Themes Bank.In other words, it contributes to the essential reading of literature and its critical reception, giving the keys to students to unlock literary texts, to develop a reasoned point of view, to recognize the different ways in which authors speak on various topics and in general to become familiar with various ways. approach to literature, depending on the subject or type of text.