Mathematics 2nd grade of Primary school

  • Mathematics 2nd grade of  Primary school

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Product Description

This educational book fully covers the material of the new textbook Mathematics for the 2nd grade of Primary School.


• Complementary and explanatory activities, which contribute to the development of creative mathematical thinking. After all, mathematical thinking, in order to develop, is based on systematic teaching and continuous practice. 

• Repetitive exercises at the end of each unit for the student's self-assessment, with rich and happy illustration. The mathematical concepts are given in a pleasant way, in order to stimulate the students' interest. It is a useful tool for the teacher, who through rich material will be able to more easily organize the material, to choose alternative activities to further strengthen the students and the effective consolidation of the material. But it is mainly aimed at students, in order to help them consolidate in a pleasant and playful way the material taught in school, to become familiar with mathematics and to love it.